The Anglo French Medical Society is a professional organisation fostering interaction between UK and French doctors and medical students.

Our sister organisation in France is the Association Médicale Franco-Britannique.

The organisations aim to exchange medical views and opinions as well as improving knowledge of French and English in a friendly and professional setting.

The AFMS is a convivial and informal society where everyone is welcome, whatever your standard of French.

Join us at conference or for a fun hard work, hard play Medical French Weekend course! Get involved… ca vaut le coup!!


  • Dr Andrew Hassan   President
  • Dr Martin Punter     Treasurer
  • Dr John Altrip           Hon. Secretary
  • Dr Helen Sykes         Membership Secretary
  • Dr Mark Cottrill        Co-opted member
  • Dr Zara Bieler            Medical French Course Organiser, Webmaster
  • Dr Colin Mumford
  • Dr Rex Melville
  • Dr Carol Barton
  • Dr Paul Ward
  • Dr David Bell
  • Dr James McDonald
  • Dr Nick Mc Carthy

Administrative Secretary  – Mr Tony Ridge